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Cole Groundworks Contracts Ltd were established in 2005, solely as a solid small team of professionals providing services to domestic and small commercial building contractors. Since then we have grown to provide all Groundwork and Civil Engineering services covering the entirety of the UK and Ireland from our office in Northern Ireland, delivering services to some of the biggest named Construction companies in the world.

Cole are now involved in housing developments, commercial developments, Schools and Universities, electrical generation sites, telecommunications, and within the Water industry. We strive to develop a highly skilled workforce, constantly headhunting for Management and new people to add to and benefit our organisation.

We show great interest in training our staff to offer our clients a niche service within the construction Industry.

We involve all of our staff in our corporate events so that our clients can create relationships with all of our team members and make a better working relationship.

Conor Cole, Managing Director 

Conor is an ardent advocate of the industry and since starting the company in 2005 as a sole trader, then developing it to a Limited company in 2007 he has grown the company into what it is today continuing to expand in a healthy manner. Conor has a personal interest in developing his workforce and company as a whole, always striving to be the best in the business. Conor gets actively involved with his workforce on the ground, always trying to identify and research potential ways for the company to improve its range and quality of services.

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